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1. Which Students Are Qualified to Participate?

The e-learning course is open to all students who received an EAP status of "Standard Met: Conditionally Ready for Mathematics college-level coursework." 

2. What Should Students Expect?

The math course is delivered over the internet using ALEKS, a self-paced online math tutorial. Students who register for the course will receive an e-mail from a CSU ALEKS Instructor who will communicate with them periodically, follow their progress, and set up the proctoring of exams.

As mentioned above, the course is self-paced, and students will need to dedicate time above and beyond their normal school work load in order to succeed. CSU instructors and tutors will be available to answer a limited amount of questions via phone and e-mail, but students are required to work with a local high school teacher, relative and/or tutor for extra support.

3. How Much Time Is Needed to Complete the Course?

The time required for the course will vary by student. Students begin by taking a placement exam in ALEKS. Depending on the student’s score, he or she may be required to spend five hours in the customized learning module in ALEKS before taking another placement exam. Up to five attempts will be allowed. Therefore, the maximum time required is about 25 hours.

4. What Type of Credit Will Students Receive?

Enrolled students receive no CSU or high school credit for the course, but by passing the course they avoid having to enroll in costly non-credit remedial math courses at the CSU.

5. When Does the Course Start and Stop?

The e-learning course registration begins in early October. Students who sign up will be given instructions about how to begin accessing the curriculum at that time. The course can be started right away, and students have until the beginning of May to complete it.

6. What Happens If Students Don't Pass Any of the Placement Exams in ALEKS?

Students will be given five opportunities throughout the course to pass the placement exam. If they do not pass after five attempts, they will be required to participate in the Early Start Program.

7. Which Math Concepts Are Included in the Curriculum?

The curriculum focuses on Algebra, Geometry, and Numbers and Data.

8. How Much Does the Course Cost?

The cost of the program is $20, and the fee may be waived for a limited number of applicants with documented low income.

9. How Do Students Sign Up?

Interested students should fill out the form at the bottom of the e-learning course registration page.

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