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ELM Importance

If you intend to take the CSU Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) math placement exam, you’ll want to prepare ahead of time and give your best effort.  The videos on this page provide first-hand accounts of the importance of taking the test seriously and ensuring that you are prepared.

Freshmen's Testimonial from San Jose State University

San Jose State University student thumbnail

Listen to a group of San Jose State freshmen talk about preparing for the ELM exam, and find out what happened when they didn’t pass the test.

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Jason's Testimonial

Jason talks about ELM

He regrets not taking the ELM Exam seriously. He now has to spend time in remedial math rather than working on courses for his major.

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Nicole's Testimonial

Nicole talks about ELM

She is spending a year in remediation just to be able to sign up for Math 45, a required course for her major.

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Brenda's Testimonial

Brenda talks about ELM

She took Honors Trigonometry in high school, but didn't prepare for the ELM Exam. She is now in remedial math and says it's very slow and covers middle school material. See what she says she would have done differently.

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Dan's Testimonial

Dan talks about ELM

He says some of the math in his remedial college course is at about 8th grade level. Hear his opinion of a remedial math class.

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Dekeydra's Testimonial

Dekeydra talks about ELM

She knew about the ELM Exam, but didn’t know the consequence of not passing is a semester or two of remedial math. These CSU courses don't even count toward her degree.

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