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Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Requirement

New California State University students must show they are ready for college level course work by meeting the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) requirement. There are several ways to meet the requirement, all of which are described below.

Ways to Meet the ELM Requirement

  • Early Assessment Program (EAP) – Receiving a status of "Ready for CSU or participating CCC college-level mathematics courses"
  • National Standardized Tests

    Test Required score for ELM requirement
    • 550 or more on the mathematics portion of the SAT Reasoning Test
    • 550 or more on a mathematics subject test (level 1 or level 2)
    • 23 or more on the mathematics test
    College Board AP
    • 3 or more on Advanced Placement Calculus or Statistics

  • Community College Course – A grade of C or better in a qualifying general education transfer math course (quantitative reasoning, B-4) at a community college satisfies the ELM requirement. See your academic advisor or check the ASSIST course transfer website popup window icon for more information.
  • ELM Examination - Unless students meet the requirement one of the ways above, they must take the ELM examination before their first term at the CSU. If they pass the exam, they meet the ELM requirement. If they do not pass, they must take non-credit remedial math classes.

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