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Entry Level Math (ELM) Exam

Newly admitted CSU freshmen students not meeting the ELM requirement by any other means must pass the ELM examination to show that they are ready for college-level course work.

This examination is not an admissions test, but rather an instrument for determining who may enroll in certain general education courses that are required for graduation.

ELM Examination Description

  • A number of CSU campuses offer the exam during the spring and summer. You may take the ELM at whatever location is convenient, not just the campus you plan to attend.
  • The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions.
  • The ELM exam covers three content areas: Numbers and Data, Algebra, and Geometry.
  • You have 90 minutes to complete the actual questions, but allow at least two hours for the testing process.
  • Detailed information on ELM exam testing procedures and scoring popup window icon * is available online.

Preparing for the ELM Exam

If you haven't met the ELM requirement by other means after being admitted to the CSU, you must take the exam before you can register for classes.

1. Access the online exam prep tools and begin preparing for the exam immediately.

2. Passing this exam is your last chance to avoid having to enroll in remedial math courses. Prepare seriously.

3. Learn from other students’ experience.

ELM Examination Calendar

ELM Examination Calendar popup window icon - Detailed information on ELM schedules, locations, and registration procedures.

ELM Exam Testing Procedures and Scoring popup window icon *- Detailed information is available online.

*Adobe Reader is needed to view these files. A free version can be downloaded by clicking here popup window icon.

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