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A student whose math status is "Incomplete" did not identify the test type (Algebra, Algebra II, Summative Math, etc.) and consequently his/her EAP math test could not be scored. If a student is accepted for admission to the CSU and has not met the ELM requirement, he or she must take the ELM exam.

A student's score on the ELM exam will determine if they meet the ELM requirement or if they will be required to take remedial math before they can take certain courses that count toward their degree.

Preparing for and Taking the ELM Exam

  • Students should take a math course during their senior year to sharpen their math skills.
  • At the end of January, students should access the online test prep tools and begin preparing for the exam.
  • Students should prepare seriously. The exam is a student's last chance to avoid having to enroll in remedial math courses.
  • Students should consult the ELM Exam Testing Schedule popup window icon and sign up to take the exam once they receive an offer of admission from a CSU campus.
  • Most CSU campuses will not allow a student to sign up for orientation or register for classes if he or she has not taken the ELM exam.

If a Student Passes the ELM Exam

  • If a student passes the ELM Exam, he or she has met the ELM requirement and is now ready to enroll in most for-credit freshman math courses at the CSU.
  • The student's score will be reported automatically to the campus that they will be attending.

If a Student Does Not Pass the ELM Exam

  • Students who do not pass the ELM Exam will need to participate in an Early Start Program during the summer before arriving at a CSU. Upon admission, students who need to complete the Early Start requirement will receive information about how to sign up for a program that meets their needs.

Warning for not meeting the EPT requirement

Warning: Failure to Meet the ELM Requirement Costs Time and Money

  • Students cannot enroll in many required CSU college classes until they meet the requirement.
  • They must spend time taking remedial math classes during their freshman year until they meet the requirement.
  • They will graduate later because they get no degree credit for these remedial classes.
  • They may have to pay additional charges for these classes.
  • If they do not earn a C or better in the remedial classes, they may be disenrolled from the university.

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