Middle School Students

Welcome Middle School Students! It's never too early to start thinking about college. In fact, early preparation is the key to success. There are many things you can do in middle school that will help you be successful in high school and pave the way for the road to college. Talk to your parents, teachers and counselors about courses that will prepare you for college. Develop good study habits and earn good grades. Keep up the good work and you can reach your dreams!

CSU's Free Poster

CSU Free PosterThe CSU’s "How to Get to College" poster shows the steps to take at each grade level to reach college successfully. Read more.

Course Requirements

Course RequirementsLearn about the required college preparatory courses you will need to take in high school. Read more.

Student Videos

Student VideosIt’s never too early to think about preparing for college. Math and English are two of the most important subject areas to study and excel in. Hear what current CSU students have to say. Read more.


CSU MentorCSUMentor is an online resource designed to help students learn about the CSU and its 23 campuses, get information about financial aid and more. Read more.


faqThis guide will help answer frequently asked questions about the application and admissions process. Read more.


How frequently do you talk about college with your family, friends, or teachers?