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10 Online ELM Practice Questions (free)

If $4x - 5 = 18 - 7x$, then $x =$
$\frac{5t^{2} - 30t}{5t} = $
If $\begin{cases}2x + 3y = 6\\ x = -2y + 5\end{cases}$, then $y =$
The area of the square $ABCD$ in the figure below is 64. What is the area of the shaded triangle in $AED$?

A triangle is inscribed in a square.  The corners of the square are labeled A, B, C, and D. The corners of the triangle share points A and D with the square. The third point at the top of the triangle is labeled E.
If the average weight of the four players listed in the table below is 250 pounds, what is the weight, in pounds, of Player $U$?

Player Weight (in pounds)
$R$ 270
$S$ 230
$T$ 240
$U$ ?
The ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in an algebra class is 4 to 5. If there are 45 students in the class, how many are girls?
In the right triangle $ABC$ below, $BC =$

The length of one leg of a right triangle is the square root of six.  The length of the hypotenuse of the triangle is five.  Find the length of the other leg of the triangle.

What is the slope of the line through the points (2,1) and (4,2)?

If the area of the square shown below is 36, what is the area of the inscribed circle?

circle embedded in a square